TR Turistik A.Ş., an online hotel portal owned by experienced professionals and IT experts in the tourism sector, has a TÜRSAB A Class 4540 certified travel agency license.

By integrating its self-developed reservation system into its technological infrastructure and adding corporate marketing plans to its strong sales network, TRTURISTIK.COM aims to offer brand new products to the tourism industry. The technological infrastructure and management software of the website are provided by the company's professional programmer team. has set out to offer its customers the widest range of hotels in the tourism sector. It updates and increases its hotel and product portfolio every day.

Our Mission

As TR Turistik A.S., our mission is to provide our customers with comprehensive and quality services in the fields of tourism and health tourism. In the field of dental health tourism, we cooperate with the best three clinics in Antalya and provide our customers with the services of successful and experienced doctors with our commitment to provide superior service. Where tourism and technology meet, we enable our customers to easily examine all the services and products on our site, to obtain information and to easily access the services they want. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority and therefore we aim to provide our customers with the best experience.

Our Vision

As TR Turistik A.S., our vision is to be the leading online hotel and health tourism portal in Turkey. We aim to provide our customers with the most comfortable and user-friendly service with the slogan "best price guarantee" with the hotels and clinics we work with in our country. In the field of health tourism, we have adopted the vision of providing our customers with world-class services by cooperating with the best dental clinics in Antalya. By prioritizing the customer experience, we aim to be the best platform in Turkey in both accommodation and health services.

Medic Antalya

  • Expert PhysiciansOver 25 years of experience
  • Effective InformationDetailed treatment information
  • Easy Appointment and Fast PlanningCall Support Line
    (English, German, Russian)
  • Technological Diagnosis and TreatmentVIP Clinic
  • Post-Treatment ProceduresPost-procedure follow-up and information
  • Holiday & AccommodationExpert travel agency team

You can forget your dental problems during your holiday with our affordable prices and experienced team. You can get detailed information from our support line. You can get support in Turkish, English or German during your treatment.

How long does it take to complete my appointment?
You can complete your appointment within minutes by contacting our expert physicians and call center. Get ready for a holiday where you will forget your health problems.

How will I come for treatment?
After reaching the Antalya center after the appointment process, you can do all accommodation and transportation transactions with the help of our authorized personnel.

How will I pay the treatment fee?
After the diagnosis of our physicians and the creation of your treatment calendar, you can safely make your payment through our live support team.

Our Treatment Services
Get ready to forget your health problems with our reliable and experienced physicians.

Dental Implants Zirconium Coating Emax Coating
Laminate Veneers Invisalign Smile Design


Private Orion Oral and Dental Health Center, among the newest and most modern dental clinics in Antalya, offers complete oral and dental care solutions. By providing the latest medical services to our local and foreign patients, we ensure that the safety and comfort of our patients are fulfilled well.

Zirconia Crowns : Imagine you’ve got an important upcoming event and you’d finally like to have a better smile.
Dental Implants : Dental implants are a strong, natural solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth.
Laminate Veneers : Will have you feeling more confident and better than ever!
Emax Crowns : More than a smile. Will have you feeling more confident and better than ever


It is to ensure that all our guests leaving Ballıpınar leave with a happy smile by providing services at high standards in accordance with individual, social, legal and moral values.

A wide range of services :It covers everything from general dental health to the correction of cosmetic defects, the improvement of implants and files, and unbearable mouth emergencies.

A simple but effective three-step process ;
Diagnosis :Before your treatment, we first want you to contact us. After our dentists have reviewed your medical data, they will determine the most appropriate treatment for you.
Treatment :Thanks to our methods, your treatment can be largely determined. If your dentist thinks you need some tests, you will be informed and you can have these tests done both in Turkey and in your own country.
Journey :We can advise you on all aspects of your journey, including flights, hotels, airport transfers and expert travel insurance.


Our goal as TR Turistik A.S. is to win the satisfaction of our customers by offering them comprehensive and good products.

You can send your comments, requests and suggestions to our E-mail address.